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Fattoria Suvereto Olive Oil

Sogno Toscano

Fattoria Suvereto Olive Oil

$ 60.00
There are many different kinds of olive oil in the market today, but none that can compare to our “Fattoria Suveretto”. This particular olive oil is the pride and joy of the Sogno Toscano Family.

Fattoria Suvereto is made from 100% of Frantoio olives that are only harvested from 200 of the 17,000 trees that we own; therefore making it a very limited production.

The unique taste is due to the fact that the olives are squeezed within three ours of being picked, and then immediately shipped straight to the United States overnight.

Due to its intense flavor and scent, it is perfect to use as a finishing oil as well as simply a dipping oil.

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